Three Things to Keep in Mind Consuming Edibles

Three Things to Keep in Mind Consuming Edibles

Edibles are a popular way to enjoy cannabis. From gummies to tinctures, edibles offer a convenient, long-lasting, and effective means to experience the effects of THC. They’re perfect for people who are put off by smoking or vaping. Unfortunately, this method can lead to overconsumption if they are not careful. Consuming too much can result in unwanted effects that lead to an unpleasant and intense high.

There are many different kinds of THC edibles that you can choose. The type of THC found in weed is Delta 9 THC, but there are other forms of THC on the market, such as Delta 8. D8 edibles have psychoactive effects like marijuana, but at about half the potency of weed, they offer a milder high with minimal to no side effects. Regardless of the type of THC edible you consume, you should use caution when deciding on the proper dosage.

We cover everything you need to know before consuming any kind of THC edible so that you can have a positive experience.

1. How Strong Is My Edible?

The labeling on your edible should list the amount of THC present in milligrams. The packaging may also list the serving size and provide instructions on dosing. The dosing can vary across edibles. Many edibles on the market provide a dose of five to 10 milligrams of THC. Other edibles may have more THC. When you take an edible, it is essential to know:

  • How many milligrams you are consuming
  • The type and potency of the form of THC
  • What kind of effects to expect
  • How long the effects might last

Knowing how strong your edible is can help you create a more pleasant experience. Being aware of your edible dosage is critical to preventing you from overconsuming THC. Additionally, depending on the expected effects of your edible, you can choose the right surroundings for taking it.

2. How Many MG of Edibles Should You Eat?

The right edible dosage can vary from person to person. Several factors can impact how you experience an edible dosage. They include:

  • Previous history of cannabis use
  • The sensitivity of your endocannabinoid system
  • Gastrointestinal factors
  • Metabolism
  • Height and weight

You can adjust your dosage based on these factors, but it may not always be possible to predict how you will experience a dosage, so it’s best to exercise caution and err on the side of a smaller dose. You can always take more if you do not experience the desired effects of delta 8.

1-2.5 mg THC Edibles

  • Medicinal users may get some relief of pain, stress, and anxiety
  • Effects include improved focus and creativity
  • Ideal dosage for first-time users
  • Works for regular users who want to microdose
  • Suitable dosage for people who are very sensitive to THC

2.5-15 mg THC Edibles

  • May feel a euphoric high
  • More substantial relief of pain, stress, and anxiety
  • Effects may include altered perception and impaired coordination
  • Dosage for standard recreational use
  • Medicinal users should try this dosage if lower doses do not relieve their symptoms
  • Effective dosage for improved sleep

15-30 mg THC Edibles

  • More intense euphoria
  • New users may not enjoy the effects of this dosage
  • Impairment of coordination and perception likely
  • Dosage for experienced users
  • Experienced users seeking better sleep may try this dosage
  • Dosage for medicinal users who have a higher tolerance

30-50 mg THC Edibles

  • Strong euphoric effects
  • Significant impairment of perception and coordination
  • Suitable for regular users with a high tolerance
  • May work for users who do not absorb cannabinoids well

50-100 mg THC Edibles

  • Severe impairment of perception and coordination
  • Possible adverse side effects, including nausea, pain, and increased heart rate
  • Suitable for experienced users with a high tolerance for THC
  • Medicinal users, under the guidance of a doctor, may take this dosage to aid with inflammatory disorders, cancer, and other serious conditions

100+ mg THC Edibles

  • Even users with very high tolerances may experience nausea, paranoia, pain, and increased heart rate at this dosage

3. How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of Edibles?

How long it takes to feel the effects of an edible differs among individuals based on tolerance, metabolism, and other factors we have already discussed. The time it takes to feel the effects may also vary based on the type of edible. Your system will likely absorb a THC tincture added to your coffee more quickly than a brownie. Purchase edibles that provide you with clear, thorough directions for responsible use. Ideally, the company will provide information on their website or product packaging that tells you how long it will take before the effects kick in. Look for edibles from brands that offer guidance for first-time use.

You may feel the effects of gummies, for example, in around 30-90 minutes. It can take more than two hours for some people to feel anything, though. This is critical information for anyone new to edibles. A common way people overconsume THC is that they expect to start experiencing a high within minutes of ingesting an edible. When they do not feel anything right away, they assume that the edible is not that potent or that they must have a high tolerance for THC, and they consume another edible. Soon, the effects of a double dose of THC begin, and they have an intense, harsh high for hours.

What can make edibles an unpleasant experience for some is that the effects are more long-lasting than other methods. If you are vaping THC and inhale too much, any undesirable effects will not last that long, but the effects of edibles can last for four to six hours. High doses may last even longer. Overconsuming THC edibles can mean hours of unpleasant effects. That’s no reason to avoid them. With responsible use, you can enjoy a fun high with no negative impact on your lungs.

Tips for Consuming THC Edibles

  • New users may want to start with half a dose.
  • If you do not feel any effects after an hour, consider eating a snack before taking another edible. Ingesting food may encourage your gut to absorb the THC.
  • Set up a safe, calm environment. Consume edibles around people you trust who can reassure you that everything is okay, just in case you experience an unpleasant high.
  • A small number of users may not absorb THC well through the gut, and they should consider other methods of using THC.

What to Do If You Overconsume Edibles

  • Find a quiet place to relax. Try breathing exercises or listen to music. These activities can calm and relax you as you wait for the unpleasant effects to fade.
  • Find something to distract you and put you in a better frame of mind. Drawing or coloring, doing an easy puzzle, or a cute cat video on YouTube may help. The more you focus on how high you are, the more it will stress you out.
  • CBD can counteract the effects of THC. CBD does not get you high, and it interacts with different receptors in your brain. CBD can calm you and may even help you fall asleep, which is helpful to anyone experiencing an overly harsh high.
  • Drink some water or other non-alcoholic drink. It will relieve dry mouth and help you focus on something other than being too high. Water may help your body process and get rid of THC.
  • Black pepper, lemon zest, and pine nuts are foods that may help counteract the effects of THC.
  • You likely will not need to visit the emergency room unless you have a serious medical condition.

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