Happy Delta

Certificate of Analysis


We know you want the facts, and we’re prepared to deliver. We’ve endured every test, at every step, to ensure we are the best product on the market. That’s why each product has a track and trace batch number and we provide third-party Certificates of Analysis (COA) with every production.

Review Our COAs below.

Certificates of Analysis

Apple Gummies Certificates of Analysis

  • 30ct Apple Gummies 25mg (Lot D8GA01)
  • 10ct Apple Gummies 25mg (Lot D8GA01)
  • 5ct Apple Gummies 25mg (Lot D8GA01)

Berry Gummies Certificates of Analysis 

  • 30ct Berry Gummies 25mg (Lot D8G015)
  • 10ct Berry Gummies 25mg (Lot D8G015)
  • 5ct Berry Gummies 25mg (Lot D8G015)

Blue Razz Gummies Certificates of Analysis 

  • 30ct Blue Razz Gummies 25mg (Lot D8BR01)
  • 10ct Blue Razz Gummies 25mg (Lot D8BR01)
  • 5ct Blue Razz Gummies 25mg (Lot D8BR01)

Mango Gummies Certificates of Analysis 

  • 30ct Mango Gummies 25mg (Lot D8MG02)
  • 10ct Mango Gummies 25mg (Lot D8MG02)
  • 5ct Mango Gummies 25mg (Lot D8MG02)

Peach Gummies Certificates of Analysis 

  • 30ct Peach Gummies 25mg (Lot D8PC04)
  • 10ct Peach Gummies 25mg (Lot D8PC04)
  • 5ct Peach Gummies 25mg (Lot D8PC04)

Vape Cart Certificates of Analysis

  • Vape Cart – Apple 500mg (Lot VD8A01)
  • Vape Cart – Blueberry 500mg (Lot VD8B01)
  • Vape Cart – Grape 500mg (Lot VD8P01)
  • Vape Cart – Grapefruit 500mg (Lot VD8G13)
  • Vape Cart – Orange Pineapple 50mg (Lot VD8OP01)

Disposable Vapes Certificates of Analysis

  • Wedding Cake (Hybrid) – Batch 210827HVWCS
  • Watermelon OG (Indica) – Batch 210827HVWMOGS
  • Granddaddy Purple (Indica) – Batch 210827HVGDPS
  • Super Silver Haze (Sativa) – Batch 210827HVSSHS
  • Candyland (Sativa) – Batch 210827HVCLS