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Happy Delta 8 THC products offer the highest possible taste, quality, and efficacy of any brand on the market. Crafted at our partner's state-of-the-art, FDA-registered facility in Tampa, Florida, we carefully oversee production from start to finish. To ensure potency and efficacy, our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they contain less than 0.3% THC and are federally legal.

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Delta 8 Gummies
Happy Delta 8 THC gummies are a delicious, effective, and long-lasting way to feel the benefits of Delta 8 THC. Made with high-quality distillate, they don't have the funky hemp flavor typical of cannabis edibles. Instead, you get pure flavor and the smooth effects that leave you feeling relaxed, calmed, and energized.

Delta 8 Vape Cartridges
Happy Delta 8 THC vape cartridges offer a velvety smooth experience, and the potent effects of Delta 8 THC give you a chill buzz without anxiety or paranoia. Happy Delta 8 vape carts come in five enjoyable flavors.

Are Happy Products Legal?
The 2018 Farm Bill changed the game for the legality of cannabinoids. The bill deemed that all hemp derivatives including cannabinoids, extracts, and isomers, are not controlled substances and are legal. However, the actual legality of Delta 8 depends on the regulations in each state.

Happy Delta Gummy Amounts to Use
The right amount of Delta 8 gummies can vary from person to person. The average Delta 8 amount is 10-40 mg, but some people need only 1-5 mg, while some may need much more. If you are new to Delta 8 THC, don't be surprised if it takes a few tries to get itright. We recommend starting lower than what you think you need and upping it if you need it. Gummies are great for experimenting with how much to take, as you can split them into micro-amounts if you need to. You can always take more, but you can't uneat a gummy.

Happy Delta Vape Amounts to Use
If you are new to vaping Delta 8, start with one puff. Take one or two more puffs from a Delta 8 vape as needed until you get the desired effect.

Where Are Happy Delta Products Made?
All Happy Delta products are made from hemp plants grown in the United States. Our Delta 8 is also extracted in the United States and rigorously tested for quality and efficacy.

Can I Overdose on Delta 8?
While there isn't a known lethal amount of Delta 8, that doesn't give you free rein to eat or vape as much as you can. Follow our guidance to start low and increase only if you feel you need more. With the proper amount, you will have fewer, if any, feelings of paranoia and anxiety in comparison to Delta 9. If you consume too much, you may experience adverse side effects similar to those of Delta 9, including rapid heart rate, panic attacks, and paranoia.

How Long Does It Take for Delta 8 THC to Start Working?
Because they travel through your digestive system, Delta 8 THC gummies are generally slower to work than THC vape cartridges are. However, their effects tend to last longer and be more durable. It can take 30-90 minutes for the effects of a Delta 8 gummy to start working, depending on other factors. Because inhalation delivers Delta 8 directly to the lungs and enters the bloodstream, you may feel the effects in a few minutes.

How Long Do the Effects of Happy Delta Last?
How long the effects of a Delta 8 gummy last depends on recent food intake, body composition and exercise, and your metabolism. The effects can last 4-12 hours, depending on the amount you take. The effects of vaping can last about 4-5 hours, peaking approximately 30-90 minutes after consumption.

Check with Your Doctor before Trying Delta 8
Always check with your doctor before trying Delta 8 and any other CBD products. Delta 8 may cause an increase in heart rate and interact adversely with medication you may be taking. If you have any allergies, take any medications, have health or psychological conditions, or anything else that could be adversely affected by taking Delta 8, this step is a must.

Don't Drive or Operate Machinery
Most people who take Delta 8 say they feel more clear-headed than when they take Delta 9. But, it is still an intoxicant and should not be taken when you are engaged in an activity, such as driving or operating machinery, where you could injure yourself or others.

Take Delta 8 Gummies on a Full Stomach
Of course, this also varies from person to person. Some people do better taking Delta 8 gummies after eating a meal, and others do better eating them on an empty stomach and having a meal about 30 minutes later. As you tweak your preferred amount, consider changing the timing of your meals to see if it makes a difference.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
Delta 8 can dehydrate people. Headaches are not uncommon if you don't stay hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water... it's good for you anyway and can help stave off headaches.

How to Store Your Products
Do not store gummies above room temperature or in a humid environment, they may melt and clump together. You can put them in the refrigerator and cut off pieces to use, but this causes dosing to be iffy, so proceed with caution.